Fairway 3 Games, LLC is the board game design and development company in the Madison, WI area. Fairway 3 Games is focused on family-appropriate and usually educational games.

Fairway 3 Games has published three games:

  • Periodically.  Players are the greatest chemists in the world competing to build the elements of the Periodic Table of Elements using atoms.  Players build each elements using atoms and atom crashers.
  • Tectonic. Play as one of two gods protecting the people of Tect, a continent in a constant state of flux.  Players collaboratively build the continent, place its capitals, and then change it turn after turn to create a better connected continent for their capital.
  • Sneeze. Sneeze is a game of infect, be infected, cure and be cured.  Two or more players try to outlast the spread of bacteria around the table.  No one can stay too healthy though.

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