Starving Artists

With less than a week to go, I’ve entered Starving Artists in the survival contest at The Game Crafter. Starving Artists is a game for 2-4 players. It takes about 15 minutes per player to play.

degasIn Starving Artists, you are a painter trying to become famous. On your turns you gather your paints and canvases and try to sell your completed paintings for more paints and, most importantly, more food.

You complete paintings by applying the “paints” (which are game cubes) to your canvases. The more complicated the combination and the more paints required to complete, the more food and paints you can collect.

The Struggle

With each passing day (turn), you lower your nutrition level. To raise it again, you have to sell your paintings. If you can’t sell your paintings in time or fast enough, you risk running out of food. If you run out, the game concludes.

The Market

Players have to compete with each other in the limited market for art. What ultimately the players collect (in paints) from their paintings is limited by both the market and who else is selling that turn.  Do you sell yourself short in order to eat? Do you wait to sell for when there’s more paint.

Table Top Simulator

You can play the game now using Table Top Simulator.


See The Video


Author: Fairway 3 Games

Fairway 3 Games is an independent tabletop game design and publishing company. It's first Kickstarter for Starving Artists was successfully funded with more than 1300 backers and raised more than $50,000.

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