Aid your capital, settle the continent, isolate your opponent.

Tectonic is set in the fragmented world of Tect. Tect is populated by capitals built on the only stable areas of the entire continent. The remainder of the continent is unstable. The unstable portions of Tect have a tendency to move and flip. This can destroy settlements and turn mountains into water with little or no notice.

The continent is covered with roads built by the Tecticians’ ancestorsr. While the roads themselves are resilient and have survived massive changes to the landscape, they are not always “connected.” This limits their utility since travel and trade between capitals occurs only when there is an intact connection between capitals.

Despite the dramatic changes to their continent, certain members of the Tect elite have special powers that have proven somewhat effective at minimizing the changes: the Protectors and the Guardians. When deployed, the Protectors and Guardians have helped Tect prosper.

Each capital of Tect is favored by one god. The gods of Tect are responsible for shaping the continent in favor of their own capital by turning hexes, flipping them over, sending Protectors and Guardians, and building new settlements. Players play as one of those gods deciding the fate of the people of Tect.


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