Mix & Match Chits Matrix

The Game Crafter recently introduced the idea that you can mix and match chits on a single sheet. Thank you lasers. You can select up to ten different slugs on each sheet. If you use ten or fewer slugs, then you’ll only be charged for a single sheet.  This matrix tells you how many of each type of chit fits on a single slug. Continue reading “Mix & Match Chits Matrix”

FAQs: Getting Started with The Game Crafter

If you’re just getting started with The Game Crafter, you probably have many of the same questions that others have had.

This list of questions is meant to help dispel some of the confusion and mystery. It is not, however, a step-by-step walk through.

This page is no longer being updated. You should instead visit my personal site:

Fairway 3 Games – Frequently Asked Questions: Getting Started with The Game Crafter.

Doubling Down on the Crowd Sale

[Update: Thanks, JT, for fixing the bug]

The Game Crafter is running their crowd sale for The Captain is Dead and for its sequel, Adrift.  To maximize your own purchase and get some savings on shipping, you should really add one or two other games (maybe even your own prototype).

The system isn’t exactly intuitive.  Here’s how you can do it:

  • Add ALL of the games you want to purchase to your basket, first.  For example, go to Sneeze and click “Buy.”  Your cart will show Sneeze.

Sneeze added to cart.

  • You’re brought to the Buy The Captain is Dead – Adrift page

Buy the Captain Is Dead Sale Page

  • Here’s the tricky bit –if you don’t do this you get an error — scroll down and make sure you select your “Shipping Address”. [Update: this is no longer required.  Thanks, JT]
  • Once you add your address or select the correct one, go back up and Now, click “Attach a Cart.”

  • If it attaches successfully, you should see your cart items, shown below.  If you does not include your games, click the “Detach Cart” and try adding the games again to your cart and come back and retry this step.

  • Last steps: fill out your shipping information and credit card details and scroll down and click “Approve Purchase”

A few other things:

Once you have an approved purchase, nothing is charged or shows up in your purchases until the end of the Crowd Sale. You can “Manage Your Purchase” from a link on the crowd sale page:

From the manage purchase page, you can also cancel, but why would you want to do that?

Tectonic, a Sprue Challenge semi-finalist

I’m happy that my first contest entry, Tectonic, was a semi-finalist in The Game Crafter’s Sprue Challenge.

While it didn’t make the finals, Tectonic was close.

Tectonic pits one player against another to build a well-connected, stable continent that favors their capital.

Buy Tectonic.

Learn more about Tectonic.

Sneeze released!

After many rounds of successful play testing, Fairway 3 Games published the first edition of Sneeze today.

Sneeze is all about staying as healthy as possible while making sure you’re not too healthy and that everyone else has more infections than you.

The objective is to be the last player who is not too sick. For 3 or more players, a player is too sick once infected with five different colored infections. A too sick player can’t win, he or she continues to play and infect others.

For two player games, a player is too sick when infected with all seven different colored infections.

Buy Sneeze.  Learn more.