Starving Artists

There’s no question: the life of an artist is hard. There’s no paycheck to paycheck to live by. What little money you do have you invest right back into paint. And without that paint, there’s no way to follow your dream. You don’t relish the idea of having to work at a desk, in front a computer, toiling away for some faceless corporate overlord. You really want to make it!

Starving Artists is a game for 2-4 players. It takes about 30-60 minutes (approximately 15 minutes per player).


In Starving Artists, you are painter trying to be famous. In the game, the only currency is paints. On your turn, you can buy canvases, paint them or work. And then, at the end of each round, players can put their completed paintings up for sale.

The game ends when either all the players are out or someone manages to paints enough paintings: either in value or quantity. Yes, you can become famous by flooding the painting marketplace.



Players don’t have forever to complete their paintings. With each passing day, they lower their nutrition level by one. Only when they sell a painting do they actually get to eat again. If they don’t finish in time, they have to give up on their dreams of being a famous artist.

When the first player goes out, the game winds down: each player only gets one more opportunity as the first player to score the most points.



While each painting tells you how much it can earn you, the market is limited and other players may spoil your plans. You may end up taking very little so that you can eat.


Can you complete a lot of low value paintings quickly?
Can you press your luck and try to complete more valuable ones?
Can you wait to sell your painting? Or do you need to eat?
Do you sell now so that someone else doesn’t get enough paint?


Starving Artists uses paintings from many of the great masters. Using the paintings themselves and acrylic ice cubes, players paint masterpieces.

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