The good “unclean” game of infecting, being infected, curing and being cured.

Sneeze is all about staying as healthy as possible while making sure you’re not too healthy and that everyone else has more infections than you.

Objective: to win, be the last player who is not too sick. For 3 or more players, a player is too sick once infected with five different colored infections. A too sick player can’t win, he or she continues to play and infect others.

For two player games, a player is too sick when infected with all seven different colored infections.

* One booklet.
* Deck of Sneeze cards: antibiotic, antibody, pass-the-infection, and germ cards (in ten types in seven colors).

The cards:
Antibiotic cards: there are seven color-specific antibiotic cards and one rainbow antibiotic card. These cards cure an infection of the same color (or one of a player’s choosing for the rainbow card) from every player at the table.

Antibody cards: there are antibody cards for each of the seven infection colors. Antibody cards cure only the player’s infection of matching color, no one else.

Pass-the-infection cards: these cards permit a player to pass one of his or her infections to another player.

Germ cards: there are ten different types of germs each in seven different colors. Germ cards are what cause players to become sicker – in game play, not real life, but you should still wash your hands.


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