Be the greatest chemist of all time. Play your hand and discover the Periodic Table of Elements.

Players (chemists) compete to discover the elements of the periodic table. Using their own nuclear laboratory, each chemist crashes atoms together to form larger and larger elements on the periodic table and to achieve the goals of the scientific community.

Chemists build the elements of the periodic table with atoms collected from the deck of cards. Chemists score points by acquiring the larger elements and by completing the research objectives.

Cards dictate what a chemist can do on his or her turn:

– Atom cards are the basic building blocks of Periodically. Add atoms to you lab bench to create larger and larger elements.

– Fusion cards let a chemist combine multiple atom cards into a single play.

– Fission cards divide an existing element into two and produce atoms.

– Catalyst and Scientist cards provide chemist random perks and stumbling blocks on the path to being the world’s greatest chemist.

Elements are built when chemists choose to smash the atoms on their work bench together. When a chemist builds an element, he or she takes it. The game continues until someone has more than 300 points.


1. Large game board with the entire periodic table.
2. Four sets of markers for up to four chemist-players.
3. Deck of 96 Periodically cards, including 4 chemist cards.
4. Deck of 18 Research Goals.


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