Mix & Match Chits Matrix

The Game Crafter recently introduced the idea that you can mix and match chits on a single sheet. Thank you lasers. You can select up to ten different slugs on each sheet. If you use ten or fewer slugs, then you’ll only be charged for a single sheet.  This matrix tells you how many of each type of chit fits on a single slug.

Chit Type Count
Square Chit
Small Square Chit 28
Medium Square Chit 15
Large Square Chit 8
Circle Chit
Small Circle Chit 28
Medium Circle Chit 15
Large Circle Chit 8
Small Standee 8
Medium Standee 6
Large Standee 4

Author: Fairway 3 Games

Fairway 3 Games is an independent tabletop game design and publishing company. It's first Kickstarter for Starving Artists was successfully funded with more than 1300 backers and raised more than $50,000.

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